Waiting for Mr. Goodbar

Finally got a tentative agreement. If it goes to arbitration, we don’t know what we’ll get. Maybe even less than what we think we’ll get with the contract. I’m gonna have to sit with this for a while. I have a union meeting this weekend, and intend to ask plenty of questions. Chrysler folks, if you’re out there reading this, please weigh in. We need solidarity and conversation now more than ever.

In Solidarity,

Stepchild in the Promised Land


About Stepchild in the Promised Land: Notes from a Tier-Two Autoworker

A third-generation Detroiter, Wayne State grad, mother and tier-two autoworker.
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One Response to Waiting for Mr. Goodbar

  1. canoelac says:

    All of the major atrocities remain. Two tier structure lasts without end. Non-two-tier wages remain frozen as cost of living rises and as more family members need support because they can’t find jobs. Fiat has rolled Chrysler’s cash into its own accounts and now holds 27 Billion dollars in cash reserves. Those reserves include money owed to everyone in both tiers, from the yearly bonuses that were “suspended” in 2009 and have not been paid. Continuing this atrocity means continuing and accelerating the division and weakening of the UAW.

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