Wall Street Occupied

Wall Street Occupied

Shining a light today to the Wall Street Occupied movement. Hardly a mention on the regular news, and when it is, people are dismissed as rabblerousers or thugs. They’re not; there is nothing thuggish about standing up when it becomes clear that silence is no longer an option. WE MUST NOT CONCEDE. Not to banks, not to the police (who are working-class stiffs like us, if only they’d remember it), or anyone else who tells us that the rich matter more than the poor. Not to CEOs like Sergio “Punk MF” Marchionne, who would have us work until we drop, and thank him for the favor. I read that in Italy, Fiat workers managed to concede their lunch breaks, all breaks and money. They agreed to postpone their lunches until the end of the shift. Six days a week, they do this. I wish I was kidding. You can’t make this shit up, it’s too outrageous. It’s time to be angry. No more “yassir, Boss.” Not one more inch should we concede. Until the bankers and CEOs are trying to feed their families on $14 and take their kids to the doctors on that same pot of money than there should be No. More. Concessions. We work our asses off. WE fund the fucking wars, the roads and the goddamned bank bailouts. WE WORK. We deserve fair compensation and we demand respect. No more asking for crumbs. It’s time to claim what we have made, and what our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents made possible. It’s time to reclaim the goddamned Promised Land.


About Stepchild in the Promised Land: Notes from a Tier-Two Autoworker

A third-generation Detroiter, Wayne State grad, mother and tier-two autoworker.
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